Thursday, April 9, 2009

Stakeholders meet to build partnership for clean air in Nepal

Various stakeholders pledged for building partnership for clean air in Nepal during National Stakeholders’ Meeting organized by Clean Air Network Nepal on 31st Dec 2008 in Kathmandu, Nepal.

By Gopal Raj Joshi

Honorable Minister Er. Ganesh Shah of Ministry of Environment Science and Technology inaugurated the meeting. In his keynotes, he suggested to build a wide network and coordinate among the stakeholders. He also added to build pressure to government for reviewing and effective implementation of policies. “I assured to you all to do my best to tackle challenges of air pollution”, he said.
Mr. Gopal Raj Joshi, Network coordinator, Clean Air Network Nepal (CANN) welcomed the participated stakeholders. He highlighted the objectives of the program, vision, activities and way ahead of CANN.
“Some of the major initiatives are taken by MOEST to control air pollution and PM 10 of Kathmandu Valley is much above the national standard “, said Mr Biswa Babu Pudasaini, MOEST.
Local Pollution not only affects the local environment but the air pollutant has trans-boundary effects, said Mrs Bidhya Banmali Pradhan from ICIMOD. “This is the Anthropocene era and power driver of air pollution is humankind, she further added.
Mr. Bhusan Tuladhar, Executive Director of ENPHO presented on the status, challenges and opportunities of air pollution of Kathmandu Valley. “ There is an increase in COPD and other respiratory infection patients and death tolls highly increases in winter approaches due to increase of air pollutants during this season, he said. “Transportation is the major cause of air Pollution and development of transport sector must be people centric rather than vehicle centric.
“Vertical Shaft Brick Kiln is energy efficient and environment friendly technology and such technology must be promoted and supported by government through incentives and financial support, said Mr. Shansank Pandey,VSBK Program Nepal.
The program ended with the group discussion and sharing of ideas on the priorities and action plan on the transport, industry and policy in Nepal.

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